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Holli is an Army wife and stay-at-home mother of three. Originally from Ohio, she and her husband live in Killeen, Texas. She is new to the fitness scene, though she has been active all her life through theatrical and competitive

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Mommy and Me Fitness Instructor Program

Become a Mommy and Me Fitness Instructor & start a group in your town today!   At Mommy and Me Fitness we are passionate about helping moms.  Take a second and check out our instructor program which will guide you

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Pregnancy and Exercise- 1st, 2nd, 3rd Trimesters

Women who exercise before conception and continue the routine into the first trimester usually feel better during the early stages of pregnancy. Many active women have a greater sense of well-being and fewer obstetric interventions than women who do not

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Mommy’s Tummy

Many moms complain of the extra skin and layer of fat they have for months, even years around their midsection after having a child. It is important to remind your clients that their bodies have been through a lot and

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Pregnancy Cravings

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Pregnancy Exercises

First, I want to take the time to thank everyone for their encouraging words and prayers regarding my last post. It was truly a blessing to hear from you so thank you all!  I am really excited to focus on

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When I needed to trade HIS strength for MY weakness

Just like we train our bodies for races or just plain health, we must also train our spirits for battle.  When you are pregnant, it is sometime hard to keep your emotions under control and believe that God IS caring

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Fit Pregnancy

Hello! My name is Nina! I’m 27 and this November my husband and I will be welcoming our 3rd child into the world. This pregnancy came by surprise and has been a real blessing. I was in full swing of

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