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Holli is an Army wife and stay-at-home mother of three. Originally from Ohio, she and her husband live in Killeen, Texas. She is new to the fitness scene, though she has been active all her life through theatrical and competitive

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Running Pals

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Mommy and Me Fitness Instructor Program

Become a Mommy and Me Fitness Instructor & start a group in your town today!   At Mommy and Me Fitness we are passionate about helping moms.  Take a second and check out our instructor program which will guide you

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Work for it!

I have been struggling with getting back into shape for the past few years. As a teen and young adult, this was so easy for me, probably because I was never really out of shape. Then I hit 26 and

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SD mommy and me fitness classes

Mommy and Me Fitness dream is growing.  This dream is to grow, to reach other communities and the mommies within them and to encourage them emotionally, physically, and spiritually. That is why we are super excited to announce the newest

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Mommy’s tummy exercises

Exercises to heal diastasis If you didn’t see last week posted about Mommy’s Tummy check back here.    More great tips: Focus on engaging your core muscles to govern your abdominal wall during exercise. Train your abs to pull your stomach

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Mommy’s Tummy

Many moms complain of the extra skin and layer of fat they have for months, even years around their midsection after having a child. It is important to remind your clients that their bodies have been through a lot and

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Handana spotlight

Its giveaway time!  We have gift certificate to share from Handana.  It is not only cute (and comes in Mommy and Me Fitness signature colors) and is on sale right now look here for sale but a useful way to

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Health comes in all shapes and sizes

Society today puts such an emphasis on our bodies and how we look. Magazines, TV, celebrities, our friends, and our family are all factors telling you how you should be. But, we’re not all stick thin or muscular (nor do

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Laura’s Story

I don’t often share personal emails I receive from moms however this one really touched me.  And this story just had to be told (& yes she gave me permission)  I wanted to share it for many reasons but most

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