Strong Like My MOM

sky bike These children fitness classes are designed for children who are old enough to be able to take an active role in their developing personal fitness. Children learn and grow through playing, running, stretching, biking, social interaction, peer encouragement, and adult-guided instruction. These classes can be offered simultaneously with our other classes to allow women the opportunity to exercise while bringing their children who are beyond stroller age.

Bike-N-Trike - Are you the mother of more than 1 child? This is the class for you! While mom gets a work out with a personal trainer in a supportive group of other moms, older bike and tricycle riders will be working on bike skills with an instructor. Spots are limited.

Foundations in Fitness - While moms are off at a Strollering Class, children 3-6 can be led in preschool activities.    The class will focus on wellness related topics particular to kids, such as: eating a colorful diet, getting outside to play, being a good sport when playing with

Kid Strong Conditioning - For children ages 5-18, this class can be offered at the same time as a Strolling Series class. Designed to condition the body for any sport, it can be a perfect tool for kids to get back into shape for the sport of their choice. The instructor can tailor sport specific exercises for each child enrolled. Running, agility, strength, flexibility, and core work also make this a great choice for a mom or dad to take along side their child.