We have a variety of fun-filled classes for all fitness levels. Our program is broken down into 5 sections to help you find the best class for your family. Come and join us in teaching our children to enjoy exercise. Say "hello" to your new little training buddy and start exercising!

Strollering / Strollering Strong Series

These classes incorporate movement and mommy/baby interaction while all children are seated in strollers, they vary by fitness level and are great for women attending with or without young children.

1.   Strollering Strong Series

Philippians 4:13  I can do all this through him who gives me strength.
A circuit class for all fitness levels including walking, resistance band/strength training, mat work, running and stretching. We will incorporate scripture, prayer, mini-devotionals and words to inspire and encourage you to get that body moving!  Children will love the bible songs, movement and fun this class offers.  Come and see how having a healthy body carries over into the calling God has in store for you as a woman, wife and mother!

a.     strollering strong newbie

b.     strollering strong

c.     strollering strong power

Strollering Series

a.     strollering newbie - A class for beginners, including power stroller walking sessions incorporating muscular conditioning, strengthening, stretching and Mommy meditation, much more than just a walk in the park.

b.     strollering - A circuit class that keeps you moving with stroller & weights in 50 minutes. Children will love the socialization, & movement the class brings.

c.      strollering power - A Challenging workout.  This class will definitely wake you up.  Focusing on getting heart rates up to improve endurance.  Children will not only enjoy riding in the stroller, but will  also learn to stay fit too!

3.   Grooving Grannies - A fun-filled walking with strollers class specifically modified for the grandparents to participate with their grandchildren.

Mommy and Me - click here for class list

These classes include fitness techniques and training that coincide with our strollering classes to expand and stretch your routine.  Bringing a child with or without a stroller, these classes are written with exercise for mom and fun for baby.

Children’s Fitness Fun

These classes are designed for children who are old enough to be able to take an active role in their developing personal fitness.  Children learn and grow through playing, running, stretching, biking, social interaction, peer encouragement and adult guided instruction.  These classes are offered concurrently with our other Mommy and Me classes to allow women the opportunity to exercise while bringing their children who are beyond stroller age.


Family Fitness

These classes keep the whole family in mind.  They are stroller free and are designed to help individuals young and old reach their fitness goals.  They include classes where you can exercise side by side with your children, along side your workout buddy or breathe in the fresh air alone while striving to be a more healthy you.

1.   Wee Fit Together - What a great class for children who want to have fun and workout with mom. This is still a full hour workout with warm up, stretch, alternating intervals of hi/low impact cardio and strength training, cool down, stretch and abs.
NOTE: Use of baby carrier recommended for non-walkers. Toys are welcome. Strollers are not part of the workout.

2.   Core Conditioning - A class that will keep your mind hopping as much as your heart rate! This class will alternate between many of the current workout styles found popular today. Your instructor may offer you aerobic, step aerobics, stationary circuits, cardio- kick boxing, dance fitness, core training or any other type of workout that may challenge you. This class may be perfect for those moms who have found they no longer have kids in strollers.

3.   Run Like You Did as a Kid - Building Endurance for the whole family.  Learn about incorporating Fitness, train with other parents and have fun. For children, moms or dads ages 5 and up, this class can be offered at the same time as a Strolling Series class. This class is goal oriented and running specific. Agility, form, and speed training will accompany an endurance run each class that works up to 35 minutes for moms and 15-35 minutes for children. Each person will be able to go his/her own pace, but will see improvement in that pace as the weeks progress. Participants are encouraged to set a goal or enter a race of a 5 or 10k by the end of the class session.

Note: Younger children of a mom who wants to take this class for her own endurance growth are welcome. Use of strollers recommended for children under 5. Moms have the option to push or park stroller during class, but there can be some classes where trails or grassy fields may be used for a continuous run.

5.   Personalized online Training - This program is offered nationally click here to enroll

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