Fitness Tips For Busy Winter Days

Fitness tips for the family. Fitness tips to do at home when the weather keeps you indoors. Fitness tips for pushing yourself a step further. All these tips and more were written by Brooke, one of our Mommy and Me Fitness team members. Take a few minutes and read through these great ideas!

This week, you may not have time to get to a Mommy and Me Fitness class or any other regularly scheduled workout.  An hour out of your day might be pretty hard to come by.  But you probably do have 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there.  Here are some suggestions of workouts you can fit into your busy week.  Wrap a few presents and take a 10 minute break for your workout.  Move the laundry, serve dinner, and take another 10 minutes for a workout in your home.  You can do 1 all week or a few in one day.  You can get your kids or your entire family involved.  It will make those cookies go down a whole lot easier!

1. Run in place for 30 seconds, then walk or run up and down the stairs for 30 seconds.  Repeat for 10 minutes!

2. Set up some circuits in your home.  Do each one for 30 seconds and then move to the next as quickly as possible.  Do push-ups for 30 seconds, then jumping jacks, crunches, jog in place, side leg lifts on the floor, and walking lunges, then repeat the circuit 2 more times.

3. Another circuit: bicycle legs with alternating arms while lying on your back, deep squats into a high jump, plank on your elbows, jump up onto one step with both feet and step back down, quick calf raises, run in place with high knees, repeat circuit 2 more times.

4. Get a firm pillow to stand on.  With one foot on the pillow, do leg presses with the other leg, 20 each to the front, side, and back on both sides.  Then with both feet on the pillow, hold hand weights and squat while doing a bicep curl 20 times.  Repeat at least 3 times for each side.

5. Dance!  Turn up the music and be wild with your kids.  Including cartwheels, somersaults, swinging your kids around, and any form on jazz, ballet or river dancing you can muster!

6. Work segments of exercise into the entire day.  Like: if someone complains, the whole family does 20 push-ups.  Fighting= 25 sit-ups, forgotten manners= 25 wall jumps, after each hand while playing a card game everyone does 25 squats, when the table is set before each meal the family does 30 jumping jacks, when you get home from Grandma’s everyone has to run up and down the driveway for 2 minutes (or in place if it is dark), each day declare there is only one way to walk where ever you are going- on your toes, deep lunges, grapevine, hopping on one foot…

7.    Get outside!  Even if it is brisk, the fresh air will be worth it!

-Try this for higher intensity to make every one of those 10 minutes count: Jog to warm up for 60 seconds; pick up your pace for 60 seconds(until it would be hard to talk); drop back to a comfortable jog for 60 seconds; then at a fast pace do 20 steps of bounding (long almost jumps),  20 sets of high knees, 20 sets of butt-kicks, and 20 sets or strides (long, fast steps); drop back to a jog for 60 seconds; run at a good pace for 2 minutes, jog for 60 seconds, run at a fast pace for 60 seconds, jog to cool down for 60 seconds.

-Find a hill.  Jog to warm up for 2 minutes.  Start at least a hundred yards away from the hill and run at a good pace, once you hit the hill, do not slow down, attack the top of the hill (last 10 steps) and then keep that same effort for 10-20 more steps.  Jog back down the hill to recover and repeat 5-8 times as time allows.  Cool down with a 1-2 minute jog back home.

What was your favorite fitness tip? Which one are you going to do today? Leave a comment and let us know!

Thanks Brooke for those inspiring ideas!


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