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Come join our class and leave the babysitter behind!

Exercise specifically designed for busy moms, and it includes the kids?  Now that’s different!  That’s Mommy & Me Fitness!  We all know our bodies need regular exercise and good nutrition to fend off weakness, disease and weight gain.  Mommy & Me Fitness provides a combined program of aerobic exercise, stretching, weight resistance and nutritional balance to keep our bodies going strong, plus the necessary inspiration from Faith we all need to be strong inside and out!  The Journal of the American Medical Association reports that a twice-weekly weight resistance training program can help increase and maintain bone density, muscle strength and balance.  And maybe the best part of Mommy & Me Fitness: your kids can come along for the fun!

Our Mission:  To build STRONG MOMS, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Read More 

Try A Free Class! Our classes are designed for all fitness levels and life stages. We encourage you to visit one of our classes for free to see if our group and programs are right for you. Let us help you start improving your quality of life today.

Start A Group: That’s right, you can start your own Mommy & Me Fitness charter!  We are offering charter opportunities nation-wide, and we’d love to have you as part of this growing opportunity for moms.  Find out how to start a group!