Angela Devaney

Angela Devaney founder of Mommy & Me Fitness, is a licensed practical nurse, personal trainer specializing in pre and post natal fitness, and a mother of five. She has studied and worked in the medical profession and aerobic, fitness community for the last 15 years. She began her love for fitness when she completed U.S. Naval Boot Camp.  Developing Mommy & Me Fitness has been a passion of hers desiring to show mothers how to be proactive in their health.  In 2006 she opened MMF, shortly afterwards she developed a new instructor training program, so other mothers could come along side her, receive training,  be given support and serve the moms in their own town.  She often says “MMF should be in every city in every small town so every mother lives STRONG.” It is a joy and a privilege for Angela to run alongside mothers as they use exercise to discover their strengths and weaknesses. Angela has been blessed by Mommy & Me Fitness as God has grown her and opened doors that He wants her to run through.  In 2011 she answered HIS call to improve MMF program to include spiritual body building.  God soon provided the support she needed to switch her business to a Nonprofit Christian organization.  She soon was surrounded by other mothers who joined together to form a new mission and build a STRONG MOM team ... this was the birth of our amazing Christian fitness  program.