Personalized Goal Training

Brooke - MMF Director, Certified MMF Instructor

Brooke is offering Personalized Goal Training:

This individualized option offers fitness encouragement and training plans specific to your lifestyle and/or performance goals. This program is for the whole family and offered nationally. If you desire a one on one plan to help you achieve a personal goal; whether it be training for your first 5k or losing the last 10 pounds, this is the program MMF has designed for you. Our desire is to assist each person individually. Because each goal is different, the workout and nutrition schedule is tailor made to fit the current and desired fitness of each participant. The weekly training plans can include direction in nutrition, exercise, strength training, specific problem areas and provide details for each day.  You may purchase a plan of 6,9,or 12 weeks which provides you with phone and e-mail access to a Mommy and Me Fitness Instructor who will assess your goals and create a training schedule for the allotted time.
Some training schedules can be vague and hard to understand.  MMF wants to see you reach your goal.  Our plans include specific workouts with details including the pace at which each interval should be completed, so you can know you your fitness level, project a finish time, and be certain you will reach your goal!

Go ahead, sign up for that 5k or half marathon, enter the weight loss competition at work, look for a bike or triathlon race that suits you or plan to have a flat tummy and toned arms by your class reunion! Whether you are trying to shave a minute off your 5k or tackling your first race simply to lose a few pounds, this workout schedule is just for you. Don’t forget to include your hubby or your kids ages 10 and up, this class is for anyone who wants to be challenged and reach a goal!