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profileMary has a BS in Business and has worked in Higher Education field for 11 years, but recently became a Stay at Home Mom to Avery (3), Ainsley (1) and Step Daughter Lauren (16). Healthy living has aways been an important part of everyday life, more so since children came. Mary is always looking for something new and different to keep workouts interesting, and with the addition of the two little ones, this became more difficult. Mary started working out at home more often, and the kids started working out along side. Since Michigan is very seasonal, Mary was excited to see this strollering opportunity for Spring/Summer/early Fall!! Getting outside, working out and hanging with the kiddos….what couldn’t be better! Mary also is a mentor to Teen Moms with YoungLife in Grand Rapids, MI. Mary hopes to also educate and offer special classes to these girls, that hold a special place in her heart.

Mary's class schedule is : 9:30am M-F at City Central Park, Walker, MI.

Please email Mary directly for more information:

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