Our Story

DSC_0174It all started with a dream...

Mommy & Me Fitness had been operating in the business world since 2006. As the business was running smoothly, a new dream started developing in 2011. A dream of growth. A dream of reaching out into the community.  And a dream of encouraging souls.

This dream was born in a meeting room full of talented moms who all came together for one purpose...growth in Mommy & Me Fitness. As ideas began to grow and plans were formed, the new look of Mommy & Me Fitness was beginning to emerge.

In the following months, our new vision began to develop as the combined talents of all our team members blossomed into Mommy & Me Fitness' new mission

With much joy and happiness the details came together and Mommy & Me Fitness, Inc. became a  outreach to individual communities nationwide! Serving moms and their families in health, fitness and faith.

Mommy & Me Fitness has developed an amazing instructor program that both trains and supports moms in opening MMF groups in our local communities. By doing this, the program now includes classes that join physical fitness with spiritual growth and encouragement. Mommy and Me Fitness classes spread God's love and blessings to others in need. Read our statement of Faith here

Mommy & Me Fitness, desires to help moms grow through physical exercise while providing emotional and spiritual encouragement.  It is the mission of Mommy & Me Fitness to help you balance exercise and nutrition into your daily life, so that you will see wonderful results- physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Mommy & Me Fitness offers women and children a healthy start.

Mommy & Me Fitness continues to commit future plans to God's leading as we are being planted in many different states. Continued growth throughout the nation, means spreading God's love to more communities.

Thanks to a dream, Mommy & Me Fitness flourished into an organization above all that we could ask or imagine.