Top 5 Weight Loss Tips

Need some advise for those weight loss goals? Are you ready to slim down and keep it off? You'll want to read these great tips from our Mansfield Instructors. Each of them shared what they think are the most important things to keep in mind when losing weight.

1. Eat Whole/Natural Foods.

Avoid "light" and "low-fat" foods. Ask yourself, "What is making this low-fat?" Artificial sweeteners? I feel that the chemicals and artificial ingredients that are added to diet-type foods, can weigh your metabolism down and trick your body into thinking it's getting the nutrients it needs, therefore making it even harder to loose weight. Choose real foods...moderation is key. ~ Melissa

2. Exercise 30 Minutes a Day

Moving = burning calories. Exercise does not have to be done all at once. You can exercise 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes in the afternoon, and 10 minutes in the evening. Actually when you break the time up, you will eventually be getting in more than 30 minutes. At some point you will have a little more time and will find yourself running or walking farther, or adding one more set of crunches. Adjust to fit your schedule, just make sure you hit that 30 minute mark a day. ~ Nina

3. Throw Away Your Scale

Seriously, don't let that number define your weight loss goal. It's okay to keep a number in mind but be flexible and base it more on how you feel. How do I feel in these jeans? Are they tighter or more comfortable? How do I feel running these six miles? Dragging or energy boost? How do I feel lifting more weights? Flabby or toned? Measuring health by the number on the scale is frustrating and inconsistent. Don't let it trick you with numbers - trust your instinct. ~ Karen

4. Drink Water

Lot's of it. Know why? Our bodies are made up of anywhere between 55% - 70% of water depending on age and gender. It's been said before, but think about this, hydration is vital to every single cell in our bodies. Got Mommy fog brain? Did you know that brain cells are 75% water? Keep a clear mind by regularly sipping on water. Staying hydrated not only curbs your appetite, it also helps all of your organs function properly. Your hydrated, happy body is going to flush fat, fuel muscles, and feel less bloated. So what are you waiting for? Go pour yourself a big glass of H2O! ~ Nancy

5. Have a Purpose

The reason we see a million cars parked outside the fitness centers January 1st and then hardly any left by March, is that the dedication wears off. I found that having a race to train for was the best way to keep myself motivated. Seeing progress not only in my strength and measurements, but also in my aerobic capacity, encouraged me to keep going. I had to ask myself why I wanted to lose weight?  Was it just so I looked better? Or did God intend for my body to feel and function best, be healthier, and better able to serve Him if I lost some pounds and inches?   Training then takes on a whole new purpose! ~ Brooke

Want to know more about these tips? Be looking for the weight loss series where we will dig a little deeper with each tip posted here.

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  1. Thanks for the list. I need to get fit and these tips are very helpful.

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